Bevy: Blazing a Trail and Sweeping the Competition

Bevy recently debuted on G2 Crowd, and in the first quarter, claimed first place in two different categories, and received three awards. Find out how Bevy is blazing a trail and sweeping the competition!

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From the Bevy Team

Security concerns in enterprise community software

In a world of increased complexity and uncertainty, your customers and community members are the most important piece of your community.

From the Bevy Team

Adding Virtual Events to C2C Community Program

Last week we started rolling out our new Virtual Event features. We wanted to share some stories about the incredible communities that pivoted to virtual events in the last few weeks.

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At CMX Summit 2019, Jennifer Dulski spoke about how to turn a community into a movement.

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Business Can Be the Most Personal Thing in the World | Nick Mehta

At CMX Summit 2019, Nick Mehta the CEO of Gainsight, talked about how to make business more personal, and how community building is at the core.

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The Power of Enterprise Community Marketing | Jay Simons and Alex Bard

At CMX Summit 2019, Jay Simons, President of Atlassian, and Alex Bard from Redpoint, discuss the power of Enterprise Community Marketing.