Bevy and Meetup: The Customer to Customer Movement

Bevy and Meetup: The Customer to Customer Movement

It is with great pleasure that we announce today, a new strategic partnership between Bevy and Meetup. This partnership aligns with both companies’ missions to support businesses and organizations build and scale their in-person local communities. Effective today, it will be easier than ever for Meetup communities to grow globally while taking advantage of Bevy’s brand customization and measurable management tools.

The Partnership:

Customers of both Meetup and Bevy will now be able to drive customer acquisition through Meetup groups, and manage and engage their global enterprise community through Bevy. The integration will allow new and existing Meetup Pro customers to access Bevy’s global enterprise-grade analytics system and custom fully-branded websites. Bevy customers will be able to tap into Meetup’s 44-million member audience to expand their own groups.

“Meetup and Bevy share a passion for helping businesses and organizations build, grow, and scale in-person communities,” said Meetup CEO, David Siegel. “Through this integration, businesses that use Bevy will be able to rapidly scale their community without having to necessarily scale headcount and budget. This additional functionality for Meetup Pro customers is one of the many ways Meetup is enhancing the experience for its business customers.”

“This partnership comes at a critical point in a time where Community teams are being called on to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems - in both business and society,” said Derek Anderson, Bevy’s co-founder and CEO. “Big enterprises are focusing more on their customers and delivering opportunities for real, and meaningful interactions. With online trust and safety concerns growing and new headlines about data leaks crowding the news every other week, big social networks have given rise to a growing trend among digital natives, Millennials, and Gen Z’ers to migrate towards smaller, purpose-built community groups both online and in real life (IRL).”

About Meetup:

Meetup empowers personal growth through real human connections because we see a future built on deep trust and collective efforts. The global platform makes it easy and fun to meet new people, learn new things, find support, and pursue a passion or interest with other people in person.Meetup Pro was founded on the idea that in-person community at scale can drive meaningful results for organizations. From recruiting tech talent, to peer-to-peer learning, to building events-based businesses, or developing brand ambassadors, Meetup Pro connects brands and businesses to their audiences in real life, driving community growth, customer engagement, and brand awareness.

About Bevy:

Bevy is built to scale in-person communities with one integrated platform that empowers organizers, connects otherwise disparate data sources, and unifies community groups from different social networks. Bevy is the first company entirely dedicated to building in-person Customer-to-Customer (C2C) communities. Bevy continues to innovate with a feature-rich platform used by some of the most forward-thinking & disruptive companies in the world. Partnered with companies like Slack, Atlassian, Asana, Qualtrics, Duolingo and more, Bevy is leading a movement to build Customer-to-Customer (C2C) communities everywhere.

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Beth McIntyre

Community & Events Marketing Manager at Bevy! Passionate about building our community and connecting with members. When I'm not writing for the Bevy Blog, I'm writing about my global travels!

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