The Magic of Atlassian User Groups

The Magic of Atlassian User Groups

A Bevy Client Spotlight

Atlassian believes that behind every great human achievement, there is a team. From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, Atlassian’s products help teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software. Their mission is to help unleash the potential of every team through open work.

The Atlassian User Groups create a space for Atlassian experts, Atlassian newbies, and everyone in between, to come together to share and learn. The User groups come together to share their experience, learn from each other, how they are using the tools, and they can give that feedback to the Atlassian product teams.

"They are truly invested in learning and connecting with fellow users," says Celina Zamora, Senior Community Manager at Atlassian, "They are there for a specific purpose or pain point, and we take the in person opportunity to nurture that relationship. The event element creates a personal level of community – we can give our members support face to face, they can ask real life questions, and they feel like Atlassian is meeting them halfway."

Atlassian started out as a word of mouth company, so there was never a question about building a community. In fact, the User Group Program grew very organically. Customers were already meeting in person, so the Atlassian community team wanted to build a program around it. “We heard customers were meeting up already, so we built a program in order to better support the community members,” says Darline Auguste. The User Group program gave Atlassian community leaders the power to host their own events. "Community leaders helping community leaders!" Darline added.

"There is nothing like an in person interaction, eye contact, shaking hands, body language," says Cassie Mayes, Atlassian Community Manager. "There is so much to be said for those in person interactions, the human element."

The Atlassian Community is stronger and more inspired than ever. By meeting with their local community, members are connecting with the entire global community of Atlassian. Today, the Atlassian User Group community has over 47,000 members, and is spread across 140 countries.

"You haven't really felt the magic, until you see it for yourself,"
-Cassie Mayes, Community Manager, Atlassian

Watch Celina talk about the Atlassian User Group Community below!

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