What is Community?

What is Community?

What is Community?

How people are buying products has changed over the last few decades, door-to-door salesmen, telemarketers, billboards, digital ads... what's next? Through all of these techniques, one voice has remained constant and is the most powerful - the customer’s. Community Building and C2C Marketing is not just about listening to the customer's voice, but about empowering the customer and building a community in which that voice is heard. Whether it’s forums, webinars, or IRL community events, now more than ever, companies are giving their customers a platform. Read more about C2C Marketing here!

Why have in-person Community events?

The most powerful interaction someone can have is in-person, face to face, IRL. We can all agree, a much more significant connection can be made in a 5 minute face-to-face conversation, than over an email, and that’s why companies are opting to bring their communities together in real life. They are harnessing the power of human interaction, and are using it as their most effective customer to customer (C2C) marketing tool. Click here to read more about C2C marketing

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Community. What is it good for?

Absolutely SO many things. There are multiple reasons to have an in-person community, and depending on what the purpose of your community is, will determine how it functions, and how you can make it grow. So, how can an in-person community be used?

As continued learning
In-person community can give customers an opportunity to share their knowledge with each other, to learn new things, and improve their skills together. Sometimes, the best way to learn new things is to teach and practice. An in-person community gives users an opportunity to meet and connect with other people in their local community who may have the same questions or have answers to those questions.

To build lasting relationships with both current and potential customers
An in-person community can stimulate and increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Multiple companies use their in-person community to ensure their users are functioning on their platform to the best of their abilities. Other in-person communities are there to be supportive, because when a company invests in the development and growth of their community members, their relationship with the company is ten times stronger.

As an extension of the customer success team
An in-person community can also be used as an extension of the customer success team. It can be a place where members can connect to the company. This builds a stronger relationship between the users and the company. The in-person community can also give users a chance to showcase their expertise on the product. This means other users will have answers to questions, and super users have a chance to share their knowledge.

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