CMX Summit - The World Needs Community

CMX Summit - The World Needs Community

The Future Belongs to Community.

Last month, we announced that Bevy acquired CMX. Our vision at Bevy is to Build Communities In Real Life. The CMX Vision is to help Community Professionals thrive. Together, we’ve sparked something amazing. Just last week we re-launch and re-brand of the CMX local event series: CMX Connect, powered by Bevy. We announced it on March 20th, and have already received more than 45 applications from hosts located in 15 different countries, including India, Ethiopia, Norway, and Columbia. The first CMX Connect event was hosted at Reddit HQ on March 19. This was a perfect location, given that Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit has been vocal about the cultural shift away from traditional online social networks. Speaking at a recent conference, he said “we’ve hit peak social” and predicted,

“Users will move away from big social networks.”

With recent headlines around social media fatigue, misinformation, and data protection (or lack thereof), community professionals are being called upon to solve some of the world’s most important challenges. As we witness the growing trend of people wanting to connect in smaller communities with more human interaction, we’re excited about being at the forefront in creating a community driven movement around building in-person community. A recent news analysis suggests,

Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good.

“The positive behaviors and emotions human engagement elicits — think the joy of a massage. Now education, health care stores, everyone, is starting to look at how to make experiences human,” Mr. Pedraza, chief executive of the Luxury Institute said. “The human is very important right now.”

The evidence of this human revolution is mounting. A Pew Research Center study revealed that only 3% of social media users in the US said they have a lot of trust in the information they find on these sites. As a growing alternative, digital natives have been turning to in-person communities. A recent CMO Survey reports Internet sales remain modest at 12.2%. Marketing leaders cite the need for more human interaction (55.9%) as the key barrier to further increases. And in a new paper focused on strategies people employed to try and be happier, engaging with others worked better than trying to self-improve (lose weight, exercise more). “Those people with social ideas became more happy,” said Julia Rohrer, a PhD candidate at the Max Plank Institute and author of the study.

The Brightest Minds in Community.

With these thoughts and challenges in mind, we’ve been working on the 2019 CMX Summit. At CMX Summit 2019, we will bring the world’s best thought leaders together IRL to share their perspectives on these trends, and to spark discussion around how to leverage the power of community to solve them.

Whether you’re an Enterprise Community Professional, Consumer Brand, Education, Non-profit, or just curious about how you can harness the power of community, CMX Summit is where you need to be.

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