This is CMX Connect and here’s why YOU should get involved!

This is CMX Connect and here’s why YOU should get involved!

The world is changing. Loneliness is on the rise. Trust in massive social platforms is declining. The moment for community has arrived, and the need for community professionals has never been higher. Now is the time for community professionals to band together to learn from and support each other. The movement has begun and this is our chance to shape this exciting category that we're all so passionate about.

That's why CMX Connect, powered by Bevy is so critical. This program will reach more people, make more meaningful connections, and deliver the kind of resources that the community needs. Chapters are launching all over the world to bring community professionals together on a local level. In just three weeks, we have added 20 new active chapters in 10 countries!

The CMX Connect program is here and here’s why you should get involved:


Goal 1: Connect

The need for in person connection is real. Goal number one of CMX Connect is to bring community professionals together in person, to give them a space to meet and connect offline with like-minded individuals who are in the same industry, who face the same challenges, and who might already be on the other side of those challenges and have solutions.

“The networking was off the hook – great group of community leaders. True practitioners.”
-CMX Connect Attendee


Goal 2: Learn

The CMX Connect program is content driven. Each local event features speaker interviews, panel discussions, and expert presentations, with the goal of education. By highlighting current industry topics that are relevant to each local chapter, we hope attendees will leave each Connect with a new nugget of wisdom or an actionable strategy to implement into their work.

"I felt like everyone genuinely wanted to get to know me and hear my point of view. I can't wait to see them again! Everyone was so smart!"
-CMX Connect Attendee


Goal 3: Grow

Now more than ever, the world needs community professionals. More and more companies are realizing the importance of this industry, and are hiring. Community managers are a special breed of person, and let’s be honest, the world will be a better place with more of us around. By connecting our community in person, and giving access to excellent and relevant resources, the population will grow and be stronger and more empowered than ever.

”I’m thrilled! This initiative is so exciting to be a part of!”
-New Connect Host

Want to Host?

CMX Connect could not be possible without the incredible power of our Connect Hosts. This extraordinary team of people are building and growing community offline and IRL. Being a Connect Host can be totally exciting, and kind of stressful, and incredibly rewarding! Join the team and bring CMX Connect to YOUR city! Apply to be a Connect Host!

What to read next:

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