Four Community Management Podcasts to Listen to Right Now!

Four Community Management Podcasts to Listen to Right Now!

As Community becomes more recognized as an integral part of business, more and more companies are hiring community professionals. As the industry grows, incredible resources are becoming available online! There are online communities, paid training and certifications, in person communities, and of course, Podcasts!

Here are four community podcasts to listen to right now.

Community Signal

Community Signal is a bi-weekly podcast for community professionals. Community Signal brings experts from across the industry to talk about community strategies. "Social media is a set of tools. Community is a strategy you apply to those tools. Marketing brings new customers. Community helps you keep them." - From the website. Hosted by Patrick O'Keefe who has been managing online communities for more than 16 years AND published the book Managing Online Forums. You know your ears are in good hands.
Check it out here:

Community Pulse

Community Pulse is for Developer Relations and Community professionals who are looking for information on building technical communities. Community building veterans, Jason Hand, Mary Thengvall, and PJ Hagerty interview experts on a broad range of topics related to building community. For all things developer relations, Community Pulse is the podcast for you!
Find episodes here:


The Community Roundtable gives community leaders innovative, collaborative and research-based online community strategies. TheCRLibrary is a paid yearly subscription and once subscribed, you have access to not just podcasts, but webinars, articles, and training. On TheCR podcast, community experts share advice, best practices and more.
Again, this requires a paid yearly subscription
Check out how to subscribe here:

The C2C Podcast

Let's talk about the future of marketing, the future of customer success, the foundation of community: Customer to customer (C2C)! C2C is the strategy from which the community industry was born - Companies investing in their customers, giving them a space in which their voice is heard. On this podcast, hosts John Frye and Derek Andersen interview experts in the industry about all things C2C and community building.
With almost a decade of community building experience, Derek Andersen picks the best people, knows the right questions to ask, and gets the most bang for your buck (no bucks, it's free!).

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Customer to customer (C2C) is the future of marketing. It is about harnessing the incredible, make-you-or-break-you power of Word of Mouth. Find out why it is important and how YOU can become an expert. What is Customer to Customer Marketing?

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