Building an Events Community: How to Keep the Momentum Going

Building an Events Community: How to Keep the Momentum Going

Your in person community is growing! You've found some incredible brand advocates and have handed them the torch to host local events in their cities. Your community will be buzzing when an events program is initially announced, but how do you make sure that buzz doesn't fade? It's important when building an in person community to keep the momentum going.

CMX Connect London launched in May 2019 and is growing into an active and supportive in person community. The CMX London team – Serena Snoad, Michelle Sims, and Nancy Kinder - share their tips on creating great meetups and keeping the momentum going.

Create rhythm

It’s important to build a rhythm of planning, organising, and reviewing events. Choosing a fixed date for events each month is helpful - like, the last Tuesday of every month for example. This means you and your community members know the dates of all your future events.

Be realistic

The planning and organisation of the events – topics, locations, and formats - needs to work for the community and be realistic. Organise a list of potential venues, topics, and build an event to-do list that works for you.

Make it inclusive

Build on existing industry relationships and invite people to join. Start with people you know who are already invested in your community and personally invite them to get involved by supporting the events, sharing their ideas, and giving feedback. They may know of a great venue, have a topic they love to talk about, or ideas for future events.

Involve your community

Involve people from the outset and don’t be afraid to ask them for ideas, or for help. Keep checking in and asking for input. Try circulating a sheet at each event, adding the names of people who have already helped to give others the confidence to contribute.


When you launch, start by asking your community what they want. What are their hopes and challenges? What would they love discussing with other community professionals? Make sure you take this feedback on board and check in as you plan, to make sure you’re meeting the needs of the community.


Use your event email updates to start building a sense of belonging. Provide wrap-up summaries of the latest event to ensure everyone feels included and motivate people to keep attending. Consider creating your own hashtag or creating your own channel or group to keep everyone connected between events.


Use your own professional networks and profiles to share news about events and to connect with people who have attended. Ask colleagues and contacts to share your messages to help magnify your reach. As you connect, make time to share insights and support each other.


Review each event, share successes and consider what could work better next time. This will help to build on what works well and keep the focus on making each event better than the last one.

CMX Connect

These events are about harnessing the incredible power of community. This program fulfils the need for community professionals to come together in person and learn, grow, and, well..... Connect! Check out when your local CMX'ers are meeting next!

Don't see your city? Bring CMX Connect to your community and apply to be a Host!

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CMX is the premiere community for community professionals. Bevy is building communities in real life. With our powers combined, we bring to you CMX Connect, powered by Bevy.

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