Bevy: Blazing a Trail and Sweeping the Competition

Bevy: Blazing a Trail and Sweeping the Competition

Bevy debuted on G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform in April 2019. In its first quarter, Bevy swept the competition. Bevy is featured in two categories and claimed first place in both for G2 Crowd's Spring Quarterly Reviews. On top of that, Bevy earned three awards this quarter as the Highest Rated, Easiest to Use, and for Customer Satisfaction.

"A truly transformational platform that makes managing communities a breeze" - Phin M, Validated G2 Crowd Reviewer

Sweeping the Competition

Bevy is currently classified under two categories: Event Management Platform and In-Person Community Management Software. The first category, Event Management, is – and has been for a long time - occupied by well-established, well-known event management giants like Eventbrite and Cvent. To qualify for inclusion in the Event Management Platform category, a product must include a combination of relevant features like event ticketing and registration, payments, guest management, event website development, event-related email marketing, event marketing, or event analytics.

"Bevy just makes event planning so much easier and efficient." - Stefan K, Validated G2 Crowd Reviewer

Bevy immediately surpassed the other companies in this category. Beating Cvent for ease of use and ease of setup, taking on Eventbrite in the quality of support, and rating higher for "Meets Requirements" than Bizzabo. And for features like event creation, multiple event management, event website creation, and email automation, Bevy beat out everyone.

"Bevy is setting a gold standard in SaaS" - Validated G2 Crowd Reviewer

Creating a New Category

The second category Bevy is classified under is In-Person Community Management Software. This is a new category, a new trail being blazed by only a handful of companies, with Bevy leading the way. The customer to customer (C2C) space is becoming more recognized as more companies turn their efforts and attention to building and growing their brand communities. Companies like Salesforce, Gainsight, Atlassian, and Duolingo have all seen huge success after implementing in person C2C strategies.

"The ultimate scalable solution for community building and management" - Jaiman S , Validated G2 Crowd Reviewer

The most powerful tool a company has is its customers and the key to any C2C strategy is engaging with and empowering your brand’s advocates. Whether it’s in person or online, C2C is the future of business, marketing, sales, and customer success, and Bevy is one of the first platforms of its kind in this space.

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