Pulse Local: How Gainsight puts their Community First

Pulse Local: How Gainsight puts their Community First

Gainsight is the customer success (CS) company. In 2013, at their first ever Pulse Conference, (an annual conference, now in its sixth year and bigger than ever), Gainsight recognized a need for customer success managers and professionals to meet more than once a year, and to have peer-to-peer discussions and learning opportunities more often.

The Pulse Local Program was born from this need, and allows customer success managers to plug into the local community of their peers, and through that local community, connect with a global network of chapters.

Pulse Local is one of the ways Gainsight is investing in the customer success community.

The community serves everyone in CS: the entry level CS manager, just starting out, looking to educate themselves, coming to the events in order to enable themselves to be better, and hoping to grow in their career, to the senior CS manager, who is managing a team, or implementing new practices in their company. From junior level to CXO, Pulse Local is there to provide resources, education, and community.

“It’s really about enabling and empowering both the community and the individual. We want to be the entryway to the workforce, for people to get educated, and be part of a bigger community.”
-Brian Brannon, Corporate Marketing Manager, Gainsight

Customer to customer marketing (C2C) is one of the best ways to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with users.

“In a subscription economy especially, it’s very easy for customers to go to a competitor,” Brian says. “At the end of the day product issues, implementation issues, customer issues, they are all going to happen, no matter the product or service, but at the end of the day, it’s the investment a company has made in their users that determines customer loyalty.”

The Pulse Local Program equips CS professionals of all levels, whether they are Gainsight customers or not, with valuable relationships, connects them with job opportunities, and also empowers them with the education and tools they need to not just be successful at their job, but be cutting edge. “Then, when the junior level CS manager who has come to Pulse Local events for a few years, has now worked their way up to a senior level or even the CCO office, and they are now the buyer, looking for ways to solve CS challenges, they are more likely to go with the company that has invested in them and their career,” adds Brian.

Gainsight’s Pulse Local program reaches thousands of CS professionals every month and has helped define the customer success industry.

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