The Power of In-Person Community: Startup Grind

The Power of In-Person Community: Startup Grind

Apps, websites, forums, video calls... these days we are more connected than ever before, but this online world has still left us feeling disconnected. Startup Grind is a community for entrepreneurs. They host in-person events all over the world! Startup Grind’s community has supported thousands of entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, build their careers, and succeed in whatever they want to do. The secret? In person community.

Here are a few examples from the Startup Grind community about what in-person community has done for them

From Shahar Matorin in Tel Aviv, Israel:
Gululu provides technology-enabled solutions and learning-through-play mechanisms to address wellness issues in children. Our first product, The Gululu Water Bottle, is a three-in-one product that combines a design bottle, a healthy tracking device, and an educational pet-growing game. Gululu helps children (and playful adults) stay hydrated by caring for a virtual pet. As kids drink more water from Gululu, their virtual pets grow. The product contains many other features, including educational push notifications, and interaction among users and their pets. The companion app enables parents to monitor their children's water-drinking progress..The company has shipped over 70K units since it starts in 2015 and closed our last financing round led by Jonathan Lu, former CEO of Alibaba Group and is now working on a few major partnerships.

Since 2016 when we joined the Startup Grind Community, we were introduced to many investors and business partnerships opportunities from the Israeli tech ecosystem, and from international markets. We met our current marketing director through Startup Grind and a designer we employed. Through the Startup Grind community, we were invited to speak at the United Nations last year.

"Through the Startup Grind community, we were invited to speak at the United Nations last year."

The Startup Grind community is wonderful in helping and supporting startups and has a huge worldwide network to introduce many opportunities. They are a dedicated team of professionals who understand the needs of startup companies in all of their different stages.

From Ahmed Elmurtada in Khartoum, Sudan:
Tirhal is like the UBER of Sudan, a ride-hailing app that launched two years ago. Tirhal transformed the way Sudanese people deal with technology and has positively impacted the people’s trust in services provided through mobile apps in general. Tirhal is the fasted growing brand in Sudan and currently the number 1 app in the country. They have announced over 5 Millions Dollars annual revenue, created 120+ jobs for direct staff at the startup, and jobs for 12K+ active drivers.Mohammed Elzakey (Tirhal co-founder), says, “Part of our revenue is now reserved towards helping other startups. It is our social responsibility to help other people and support startups. The economy is really weak, we try to participate and do our responsibility for the Sudanese.”

From Augustin Jarak in Zagreb, Croatia:
Startup Zagreb is a non-profit NGO, created to connect and develop the Zagreb startup ecosystem. We strive to bring the best practices of other startup hubs and implement them in Zagreb to create the right environment necessary for the creation and scale-up of new and existing startups.

Being a part of the Startup Grind community showed me how great it is when a community works together with common values and towards the same goal. Startup Grind has kickstarted the global startup ecosystem inspiring, education, and connecting each local chapter.

Startup Grind is also the most continually active global startup community, I am part of more than a few global startup communities, even though each of them has its specialty of season of greater activity, only Startup Grind is continually active and is the only place I can get an answer very soon after I ask a question, which is a deceptively hard thing to do elsewhere. Through the Startup Grind community, I can get information or an introduction to virtually anything or anybody connected to the startup world.

I am fortunate and grateful I can always rely on the Startup Grind community on advice, cheering up, and help with complex startup community issues from the chapter directors in larger, more mature startup ecosystems. That allows me to work proactively to prevent some problems before they even become problems for my local startup ecosystem. Startup Grind supports entrepreneurs all around the world in a way no other startup related organization can.

So, what is community?! The best companies in the world are pioneering community event programs, find out why.

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