Curating a Quality Community That Grows Itself with Underscore VC

Curating a Quality Community That Grows Itself with Underscore VC

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Episode 9

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 9, we spoke with Jenni Goodman, Community Manager at Underscore VC, about the carefully curated community they have built in Boston.

Every community is different. Some focus on numbers - engagement, new members, comments, likes, etc., while others focus on more qualitative metrics. Underscore VC focuses on quality over quantity. We talked with Jenni Goodman to hear how this venture capital firm has carefully curated their community to best serve the Boston area.

They call it the “Core Community”. The Core Communmity is made up of investors, advisors, and founders, and Underscore gives members a place to connect and support each other. By focusing on the quality of the community, the content, and the people who join, Jenni has found that members are excited to refer others to the community.

One pillar of the Underscore community is their in person events. They have tried many different formats for these events, and after all the experimenting, found roundtable dinners to be the best. With around 8-12 attendees at the event, the roundtable dinners give members a place to come together, meet each other in a comfortable setting, and always lead to the best, most fruitful conversations.

Underscore has also built a strong incentive program for their “Core Partners”. The partners are given shared in the companies Underscore works with. This keeps people engaged, and encourages partners to find new community members, as well as help companies in their portfolio.

Underscore has a relatively small staff, and roughly 70%-80% of their portfolio members are referrals from their community. When members feel valued, they spread the word, membership grows, and the community becomes stronger and stronger. The power of the Underscore VC Core Community is undeniable.

Listen to the C2C Podcast, Episode 9.

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