"Must Have" Metrics for Community Engagement with Unbounce

"Must Have" Metrics for Community Engagement with Unbounce

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Episode 10

So many metrics, so little time! Luckily, on the C2C Podcast, Episode 10, Jess Burnham, community manager at Unbounce, breaks down what some of the key metrics and areas of impact a community can have.

If you are, in any way, trying to prove how valuable your community, and the work you do to manage it is, this episode is a must!

New memberships and total number of community members are important metrics, of course, for any community. However, the key metric when tracking a community is the active members. For example, you have 10k community members in your online community, but how many of those members actually participate in the forum? it's easy to get lost in big, vanity metrics, and end up with a community, huge but silent. In Jess’s case, she tracks the weekly active users (aka return visitors) on her forum.

For Unbounce, her community has a huge impact in the company's product development. Her top community members are given direct access to alpha and beta features, which they rigourously test, in real world scenarios, then share their feedback with Jess, who relays back to the Unbounce product team.

These top community members are members of a group called “Unbounce Experts”. This group is for the top 1%-3% of active community members. These are the people who are sharing feedback, helping other community members, sharing the product with potential customers, and sharing about the company and brand on social media. Jess knows it’s extremely important to engage and reward the “Unbounce Experts” so she gives them perks like a private Slack channel, free tickets to their CTA Conference, access to early features (mentioned above), and much more.

While she is always tracking hard, quantitative numbers and has scaled her community to 16k members, Jess knows that some parts of a community are unscalable. Community management is still an inherently emotional and social role. Jess still has regular conversations with the Unbounce Experts, engaging with each of them, remembering facts about them, and connecting with them on a personal level. That’s part of the art of community management: creating a system where the community can scale and grow itself, while still engaging deeply and meaningfully.

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