How to Manage a Remote Team: Work Culture

How to Manage a Remote Team: Work Culture

Remote work: it's the talk of the internet! More and more companies are moving towards a distributed workforce, and hiring a geographically and culturally diverse team. Hiring a team from different countries, working in different time zones, who all come from different working cultures, can be difficult. How do you manage to bring together all these people to work cohesively, as one team?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Set Expectations Upfront

The most important thing is to be transparent from day one, which in Bevy’s case, begins with the first interview. Our interview process consists of meeting multiple Bevy team members in order to give the candidate a solid idea of who we are, what type of work culture Bevy has, and whether they feel like they will fit with us. In addition to expectations about culture, it’s important with a remote team, to set expectations about what kind of hours and work days are expected.

At Bevy, we don’t track hours worked or expect timesheets from employees. An individual’s success at the company is based on their work ethic and how much they want to give back and succeed at the company. We do however, need employees to be online during the hours we expect them to be. Again, these are conversations we have in the beginning.

Listen to your Employees

How could a company possibly expect to know what their employees want if it doesn’t ask them what they want and then listen to the answers?! As important as it is for employees to understand the work culture of the company, it is important for the company to not be afraid to change and adapt as the employees need. It is important to keep channels of communication open, and make sure employees know which channels are the best suited to have their questions answered.

Slack messages, emails, one-on-one Zoom calls, group meetings, and surveys, are a few of the feedback channels we have at Bevy. Our monthly survey is anonymous, and asks questions about culture, growth, management, and work/life balance. I’ve found this is the best way to hear employees’ honest feedback, positive and negative. We also have bi-annual retreats that take place every 6 months or so, which allow us to touch base with one another, make stronger personal connections, and get to know each other a little better.

Recognize and Celebrate Differences

What makes your company so special is your people. Where people are from and where they choose to live and travel to, is what makes your team so unique. At Bevy, our team is distributed across six countries! It’s important for every employee to be recognized for hard work, for their personal successes, and for their differences. We recognize employees for their hard work during our weekly HQ call where employees are given an opportunity to publicly recognize and give positive feedback to another employee.

Recognizing your employees differences doesn’t just mean time zones, or work habits. This includes where they are at in their life too. For some, being a remote employee means more time at home with their family. For others, remote work means the freedom to travel and live in new countries. At Bevy, we offer various health and wellness benefits, time off at Christmas, unlimited vacation time, and parental leaves. We understand that while one benefit may be the most important to one person, others have little or no need for it.

When managing a team as culturally diverse as Bevy’s, it’s not difficult to see the differences throughout our people. It’s how you celebrate those differences that will make or break your remote team. Last but not least, never take anyone on your team for granted. Make sure every employee knows as often as you can tell them, they are appreciated.

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