How Bevy Nailed Remote Working

How Bevy Nailed Remote Working

At Bevy, we see the power and strength of communities every day. When people come together and work on a common goal, amazing things will happen. We are building communities all over the world, and this couldn’t be possible if we didn’t have such a dynamic and cohesive team. We are a majority distributed team, which means we have ideas and input coming from people in eight countries! How do we ensure that even while working on opposite sides of the world, we are working well together? This is how Bevy nailed remote working:

Communicate better not more

The most important piece in any company, whether its remote, or in office, is communication. The difference, however, is that in an office, you can walk over to someone's desk and ask them what you need. Remote is a bit different, in that we rely heavily on our communcation tools: Slack, Asana, Jira, Google Docs, and Zoom. Slack functions as our messaging tool. Here we have multiple channels set up so the conversation is always relevant, and you know where to find it. Asana and Jira are our task management apps. In both of these programs one can assign tasks to coworkers, keep track of upcoming projects, and remove tasks when they are completed. We couldn't function without Zoom, our video conferencing tool. Being able to see each other, and speak in real time is a real benefit. Plus, we use Zoom for our weekly company meetings in which everyone from the company, in all seven time zones, can celebrate the wins from the week and get on the same page for the next.

“When you work with a team of people all over the world, you don’t have the luxury of in person meetings or side-conversations where you can quickly chat or solve problems. You’ve got to communicate with intention. People in varying time zones presents a lot of challenges and sometimes it’s tough. But, if you spend time to get to know your teammates/co-workers, you can overcome it.”
-JR Sims, Associate Product Manager

Get to know each other

One thing that can feel like it’s missing when working for a company remotely, is the camaraderie of an office environment. When working remotely, there is no water cooler to hang out by, no bulletin board on which to post inspirational quotes, no happy hour after work on Friday. Make personal connections by asking individuals how their weekend was. Inspire a conversation among the team by sharing an interesting article you read. Share the funny meme that cracked you up this morning. At Bevy, we created a bookclub! Once a month we have a video call to discuss the book we chose as a group. Even something as simple as this, makes us feel closer together.

"Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know,” and ask for help. Remember, you are not standing in this world alone, you have a team that supports, respects, and is inspired by you."
-Beth McIntyre, Community & Events Marketing Manager

Bi-Annual Retreats

We work remotely for 350 days a year (excluding holidays of course!), but twice a year we get together in person. In 2018, the team met in February in Seattle Washington, and in October, we went to Banff, Canada! This time together gives us the opportunity to bond, identify and cultivate new skills, and give everyone the chance to think outside the box to improve our ways of working. The most successful retreat will clarify the company’s priorities, sharpen the team’s focus, and boost morale, which increases productivity back at “the office”.
At our retreats, we have the ability to have one-on-ones with our team leaders where we can give and receive feedback, we can share concerns, so both sides are on the right track, and we do this in a relaxed environment. The retreats also give us the space to get to know each other through sharing daily meals together, participating in outdoors activities like hiking, and biking, and of course, working side by side with each other.

Check out the Video from our company retreat in Banff!

"There will continue to only be 24 hours per day. And life and balance and business will continue to be in motion. Flexibility is awesome! Focus is paramount! For business and for family I recommend remote work."
-Russell Bevers, Senior Software Engineer

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