The Next Revolution in Marketing

The Next Revolution in Marketing

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Episode 3

"The Next Revolution in Marketing"

The way customers are buying products has changed. Gone are the days of the door-to-doors salesperson, the telemarketers, and traditional advertisements methods. Even digital advertising is beginning to losing its integrity. So, what is the future of marketing? The future of marketing is in community. In the C2C Podcast, Derek Andersen, talks with the brightest minds and companies on the planet about how to build customer to customer marketing strategies. The greatest marketing tool of all time is your customers, and in the C2C Podcast “The Next Revolution in Marketing”, Derek Andersen speaks about customer to customer (C2C) marketing - what it is, why you need it, and how to successfully implement it in your brand.
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To really dive deep into the topic though, Derek first defines customer to customer marketing:

“Customer to customer marketing enables conversations amongst your customers…[while] traditional brands focus on what to say to customers, C2C brands worry about what customers are going to say to each other.”

The customers of any brand, product, or service make up a community. Some have been using it since the beginning, some are new to it, some don’t understand it but wish they did, some use it in a completely different way than others. These customers form a community, and what C2C companies do is create a space for this community to be realized. Whether this is an online or offline community, the company’s role is to be the facilitator of the connection. Derek says,

“Engage your customers to be a part of the amazing thing that you're building because that's what customer to customer brands are doing. They're enabling their customers to succeed through their product.”

Community building and C2C marketing is all about empowering the customer. The most powerful interaction someone can have is in-person, face to face, IRL. C2C companies are harnessing the power of human interaction, and are using it as their most powerful marketing tool. It is not just about listening to your customer’s voice, it’s about building a community in which that voice is heard. So, how do C2C companies measure success? How do they know if this community is successful? Derek answers very simply:

“What is the ultimate success of a customer? Traditional brands think that success is the sale. C2C brands understand that there's never an end. There really is never success. Success is ongoing, and we have to continue to live that again and again.”

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