How Sketch Manages Community Events in 100 Cities

How Sketch Manages Community Events in 100 Cities

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Episode 5

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 5, we welcome Patrick Hill, a Community Manager at Sketch. If you haven’t already heard of Sketch, it has skyrocketed to become a staple in the creative community. They doubled down and invested in their in-person communities.
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In this episode, Patrick shares how building a community is a great way to create a space for yourself within your market and differentiate yourself. Anyone can come in and copy features, and community is a great way to do that. We also hear from Patrick how they’re managing over a 100 cities with local events, how to focus on picking healthy growth metrics and not just focus on vanity metrics, and what you need to look for when you’re finding local ambassadors to run your events.

Patrick talks about the importance of doubling down and investing in the company's community. It's imperative to talk to the users, and bring them into the conversation. Patrick suggests that when building a business,it is easy to operate in a vaccum, make decisions as they come up, and do what you think is best. What a community space does is opens up the conversation for collaboration. He says, "you also have a case where you're moving people from being just users of a product, to fans, to then wanting to proselytize on behalf of you. And that's a really, really powerful thing."

Instead of focusing on vanity metrics, Patrick also talks about the types of healthy growth metrics to count on when measuring the success of the community. Patrick says, "it's less about how big can it be, but how can we make sure it's healthy at any size and then scale that up?"

Sketch's in person community hosts events in over 100 cities. The questions Patrick asks himself are ehat does each local community need, and how can Sketch support them? Sketch has their global values, and these are what connect all of the local communities together, but there needs to be space for each chapter to make it their own. Patrick says, "it's something that we
have to meet our ambassadors halfway. It's not a job that we can take on completely and it's not a job that they should have to take on completely. We
have to find that balance."

Listen to the C2C Podcast, Episode 5 here, and tune in next time as we dive into all things community.
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