Online and In Person: How Asana Connected Their Community

Online and In Person: How Asana Connected Their Community

Asana's mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. To make this happen, they give companies a shared workspace where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture is managed. By building software that makes working together easier, Asana can help every team achieve their most ambitious goals.

As one of the pillars of Asana's growing global community program, Asana Together, they wanted to reflect the excitement their customers have for Asana by building an in-person community alongside their online forum community. Beginning in January 2018, they began to lay the foundation for a combination offline/online community program where Ambassadors out in the world, experts on the forum, and Certified Pros can meet in person, connect with each other, and share ideas with other advocates for teamwork and productivity.

“What never goes out of style is human connection,” says Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community at Asana. The Asana community team kicked off their Asana Together World Tour in-person events program in Fall, 2018, with visits to Brazil, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and beyond, with enthusiastic audiences at every stop. “The people coming to our events want to connect with people; people who think like them or need to solve the same problems,” Josh said.

“What never goes out of style is human connection,” - Joshua Zerkel

The point of these in-person events is not to be a commercial for Asana, but to provide a space for users to connect and talk about broader topics like teamwork, collaboration, and productivity, and to share with them the great things Asana can do to support them in those initiatives. “We want to give people the opportunity to connect with each other and with us, and have real-life in person connections,” Josh said, “where they can talk about all the things that matter to them and how Asana helps them.”

Asana’s in-person community is stronger and more inspired than ever, but the community team admits building and scaling an in-person community is a lot of work. “Work with partners, so it’s not just you or your team doing all the heavy lifting,” says Josh, “and have great tools, like Bevy, in place to help deal with logistics so you can focus on creating a great experience for attendees.” But the hard work is worth it. By creating opportunities for people to meet in their local community while connecting to a larger global movement, Asana is helping teams better manage their work, worldwide.

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