Bevy Client Spotlight: Startup Grind

Bevy Client Spotlight: Startup Grind

In the beginning...

In February of 2010, Derek Andersen met up with Jonathan Hammer, Spencer Nielsen, and Mason Sheffield and they talked about what it was like to be an entrepreneur. They talked about the challenges they faced, the opportunities they had, and the successes they could celebrate. A month later, in March, a few more people joined the chat. They realized they could learn a lot from each other, and these chats turned into recurring meetings. Startup Grind was born. Soon, these meetings were well-attended and were being talked about outside the city.

The idea began to spread

The first meeting that took place outside of Palo Alto was Los Angeles 20 months after the first meeting in February of 2010. Startup Grind gives entrepreneurs a place to connect with other people who also feel the pressure of the ‘startup grind’. It provides people a space to dream, to inspire, and to see that their dreams are possible. It is also a place where one can go for support, to share their challenges, and learn how to overcome them. Startup Grind has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs build their businesses, connect with strategic partners, and secure funding.

The dashboard that changed it all

Soon, Startup Grind meetings were happening all over the world. The HQ team began to feel the burden of using so many different platforms to try organizing their events. There were so many meetings happening, in so many cities around the world, and with so many chapter directors to keep track of, Startup Grind needed to make a change. They developed a dashboard that would alleviate the workload - Bevy - and with this new platform, Startup Grind could continue to grow and scale at a considerable rate.

Startup Grind changes lives

Hundreds of thousands entrepreneurs meet at Startup Grind events all over the world. People’s lives have been changed by the connections they have made, and the things they have learned from being a part of this community. Startup Grind is the largest independant global startup community in the world, with over 500 chapters, spanning 150 countries. Monthly events are hosted globally to help, inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneurs both locally and internationally.

Learn more about how Bevy helped Startup Grind grow: Check out the case study!

Click here to see Startup Grind’s Community in action

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