Upfront Ventures - Community is the Future of Brands

Upfront Ventures - Community is the Future of Brands

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On the C2C Podcast, Bonus Episode, we hear from Kobie Fuller, who is a general partner at Upfront Ventures, the largest venture fund in Los Angeles that focuses on investing in software and consumer product companies.
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Previously, Kobie worked at Accel Ventures and was CMO at REVOLVE, one of the largest fashion ecommerce companies in Los Angeles. At REVOLVE he saw firsthand how powerful engaging your community can be. Some of his investments include Oculus, Inboard, AdRoll, The Mighty, and Campaign Monitor. Inside this episode, Kobie shares his thoughts and perspective on the power of community and how to use it to build a brand and serve today’s hyper competitive landscape. We also take a look at the mindset of today’s marketers and why new technology and platforms have caused them to become ‘lazy’. Finally, we dig into some real-world examples of building a brand through community and why it is such an effective strategy.

Kobie talks about the traditional forms of marketing going away and being replaced wtih AI and machine learning. This is the 'new way' of marketing, or learning about the demographic, and getting a message across to your consumers. He speaks about why new platforms have created lazy marketers, and how these platforms are allowing marketers to leverage AI machine learning to manipulate consumers. "People think that AI machine learning is going to take over the world, and that we can actually leverage all these new techniques and algorithms to find ways to manipulate consumers into doing exactly what they want them to do," Kobie says, "I really think a brand's power is through community, and getting people together in a room and having them actually connect on multiple dimensions. You can't do that through traditional technology and social media."

Listen to the C2C Podcast, Bonus Episode here, and tune in next time as we dive into all things community.
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