Prove the Value of your Community: Bevy's Game Changing Analytics

Prove the Value of your Community: Bevy's Game Changing Analytics

Bevy is the industry thought leader in customer to customer marketing, community building, and IRL and in-person events. Bevy is the best way to build and scale your community in real life. But what sets Bevy aside from other platforms and products out there? Three things: Analytics, Deep Permissions, and the Community Hub.

Let's talk about Analytics.

Your community is valuable. There are incredible moments shared between members every day - little learning moments, great connections made - it really is something special. But how do you turn around and prove the value of the community? There's no dollar value in 'little learning moments', there's no financial gain in 'great connections made'. It's important to have tangible data to track the growth and success of the community, and to clearly see the challenges and opportunities.

Whether you manage an already thriving global community, or you need to revitalize your community's local groups, the tools you use can make or break you. In order to prove the ROI of a community, the community tools need to give relevant insights and a 360° view of the community. The problem is that so often, companies are using a patchwork of multiple platforms, and the community data is disconnected and scattered across multiple spreadsheets.

With Bevy, all of the community data is fully integrated and visualized with clear dashboards. It's easy to quickly diagnose problem areas, identify opportunities, and develop solutions. And with Bevy’s numerous integrations, it is easy to plug into marketing and CRM systems to activate dormant groups and get growing.

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Beth McIntyre

Community & Events Marketing Manager at Bevy! Passionate about building our community and connecting with members. When I'm not writing for the Bevy Blog, I'm writing about my global travels!

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