Everything in One Place: The Community Hub

Everything in One Place: The Community Hub

Bevy is the industry thought leader in customer to customer marketing (C2C), community building, and IRL and in-person events. Bevy is the best way to build and scale your community in real life. But what sets Bevy aside from other platforms and products out there? Three things: Analytics, Deep Permissions, and the Community Hub.

Let's talk about the Community Hub

Your brand is scattered across different social networks, you are using a patchwork of tools and programs to try to organize your community, and you are a small team, or maybe just one person, doing the work of many. Let's face it, when your community information doesn't all live in one place, it’s hard for your brand to stand out and even harder for members to discover local events.

With Bevy, the community has its own "Community Hub", a beautiful branded website where all of the community groups, members, and events live. It's easy for local organizers to host dozens of events, email community members, and organize their local chapter, all while staying consistent and on brand. And with Single Sign On and Bevy’s unique data infrastructure, the member data is all owned by you.

Instead of community members getting frustrated with and growing skeptical of the social networks, they are inspired by the brand and the community. As a result, event attendance goes up, the brand’s values shine through, and the community becomes stronger than ever.

Want to learn more about how you can build and scale your in-person community? Click here to book a demo. Let’s Grow!

About Author

Beth McIntyre

Community & Events Marketing Manager at Bevy! Passionate about building our community and connecting with members. When I'm not writing for the Bevy Blog, I'm writing about my global travels!

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