What is Bevy?!

What is Bevy?!

Bevy is the industry thought leader in customer to customer marketing, community building, and IRL and in-person events. Find out who we are and what we do!

What we do

We saw a problem and solved it
Bevy was created by the team behind Startup Grind. Startup Grind used several systems they patched together, but as they started to scale, those systems weren’t able to handle the capacity of their expanding community. The answer was either to hire several community managers to manage day to day tasks, OR develop a system that scales with the company — that's how Bevy was born. Now we help others do the same: empower those who care to create and connect in person all over the world.

We build community in real life.
Building, growing, and scaling in-person community can be a frustrating and expensive process. Bevy is a community management and social networking platform software that enables companies to build, grow and scale their in-person community groups.

What is unique about Bevy?

Deep Permissions. Rapidly scale (without scaling your headcount). Deep permissions enable you to easily create new events, launch new chapters, and delegate different responsibilities, allowing you to focus on what really matters – delivering on your key growth initiatives.
Threaded Data. Take control of your customer data and genuinely understand your community (and the value it drives). With SSO, Bevy’s links your cities, events and attendees together so you’re not on the sidelines sorting out spreadsheets – and you can quantify the value of your events/community to justify continued investment.
Community Hub. Most Community groups are scattered across multiple social networks. Bevy brings it all together enables teams to stay on brand and create a cohesive user experience. Bevy gives you a Community Hub, a beautiful, branded site where all of your community events live.

Why the market is so interesting

The world is changing. Similar to CRM and Customer Success, a new SaaS category is emerging, and we’re leading the charge. The future of marketing. The future of marketing doesn’t belong to machine learning and AI. It’s belongs to customer-to-customer (C2C) communities
Power to the people. Every day, we are inundated with digital advertising, concerns around data protection. Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian predicted that users will move away from the big social networks toward new, more community-focused platforms.
It’s a Global movement. The best way to have a global impact is for the community to be in-person and to build real relationships. That's why our mission at Bevy is to build communities in real life.

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About Author

Beth McIntyre

Community & Events Marketing Manager at Bevy! Passionate about building our community and connecting with members. When I'm not writing for the Bevy Blog, I'm writing about my global travels!

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