A Community's Power: Personal Connection - Connect Highlights

A Community's Power: Personal Connection - Connect Highlights

The highlights from our C2C Connect in Culver City, Los Angeles on November 29, 2018, about the most important aspects of bringing your community offline!

We all know about online communities - group pages, forums, blogs and collaborations - but what about offline communities? How does an IRL community provide value, not just on its own, but in tandem with online? How can IRL make your community even better? On November 29th in Culver City, Los Angeles, Bevy hosted a C2C Connect to continue this discussion.

Our panel included Joshua Oduga, an expert in the community industry, Community Organizer at Fiverr and creator of WHATEVER art community, and Janet Gervers, a woman entrepreneur, founder of JagMedia, and more recently, BizWomenToday, an organization that empowers women in business, and shines the spotlight on women entrepreneurs and business professionals.

We discussed the importance of offline community. Joshua spoke about the importance for him as a community organizer to meet people in person in order to build up Fiverr’s communities. The Fiverr community is run off volunteer power, and Joshua believes that the in-person connection, the customer to customer, he is able to make is the best way to vet the volunteers. Janet, offered insight into how she built her business JagMedia more than ten years ago, and how that’s differed from the way she is building BizWomenToday, which is a fairly new venture. “Personal connection is so important,” she said. We all agreed you can build a much more powerful connection with someone during a brief in-person interaction than you can over multiple emails or online messages sent back and forth. **What this personal connection does is builds trust; in a product, a brand, a service, a company. **

"When you have people go offline, and actually meet in person, that's when you get brand affinity" - Sam Edgar, Bevy

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