Getting Buy-In for your Community

Getting Buy-In for your Community

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Episode 4

What is Community? Why is it important? And how the heck do I build one?! The word “community” can mean so many different things to different people and companies. The industry of community building is still new enough that these questions feel hard to answer, but has been around long enough that you need not fret. There are experts in this field and there are resources you can use to get help! In an interview on the C2C Podcast with David Spinks, the founder and CEO of CMX, Derek Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder of Bevy, discovers David’s methods for helping companies build and scale their community programs.
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First things first, a company must define what community means to them. Because there are so many definitions, and there is a lot of confusion out there surrounding this idea, David says, “the first thing I usually ask is what do you mean when you say the word community? Is it your employees? Is it your customers? Is it about growth? Is it about retention? Is it just something good you want to do for the world?” The next step is to clearly decide the objectives and the purpose of your proposed community. “You need to understand what the value is,” David says, “we usually define what their objectives are and help them figure out where can community drive value and what are the metrics that they should be looking at.”

CMX has a brilliant model they have created for when businesses need a little bit of inspiration and help defining what the value of their community is. It is the SPACE Model. “SPACE stands for support, product, acquisition, content, and engagement.” CMX has a great blog post that goes into more detail about SPACE. Check it out here!

Once it’s built, and the community is in place, the next step is to attempt scaling it! David goes on to talk about how to do so. There are three things to keep in mind when scaling a community: 1) is it financially sustainable, 2) you must maintain a consistent experience in your community, no matter how far reaching it goes, and 3) pass the torch to local leaders who can help you scale. He uses IRL community events as an example:

“You want to maintain consistent experiences, rules, and values across your community. So if you are hosting events all over the world, you want to give your local leaders, your local event host a bunch of wiggle room to create their own experiences, but you want to make sure that no matter where anyone goes to an event in the world, that's there's going to be some sort of consistent experience there, consistent values.”

He continues that the only way to possibly scale a community globally, is to empower local leaders to help. “The only way to really scale community is to do that, then distribute control to local contributors and leaders.” To read more about how you can scale your community of in-person events, and bring your community all around the world, head to the Bevy website!

The podcast goes into a great amount of detail. How to build, how to scale, and how to prove the value of your community. Anyone looking to get into C2C marketing or community building should listen to this podcast. David really is the “Dalai Lama of community” as Derek put it. As the podcast ends, he leaves us with a final thought:

“You're never going to be able to please everyone, so just be yourself. Speak from the heart. Make sure you actually care about the people that you're claiming to serve. And a lot of the rest of it tends to happen organically around that.”

(Full Podcast Transcript)

The CMX Community is meeting in person, all over the world! Read about the CMX Connect program and find out when your community is meeting next!

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