How eBay Built Their Community

How eBay Built Their Community

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Episode 12

eBay is one of the longest running communities born out of the digital age. On the C2C Podcast, Episode 12, we welcome community veteran Alan Aisbitt, who has watched eBay continue to grow for 9 years.

Community is everything for eBay. As a thriving online marketplace, eBay relies heavily on their community members, aka: buyers and sellers, to be passionate, excited, and engaged. eBay's C2C community has grown organically out of sellers' desire to meet others in their area, in person, and support the local community. Passionate sellers will host events in their city to help support each other.

Supporting the super users, or power members of a community is a fast way to make it grow while still keeping it strong. eBay is able to keep track of the cities that are gaining traction with events, and the HQ team can then reach out to support the hosts. Support comes in the form of providing content, news on product updates, special swag, or in some cases, eBay staff will go on location and meet the sellers in person!

eBay measures multiple success metrics, including unique visitors, overall growth of users, and posts and levels of activity. They do have measurable metrics unique to their community too like the “accepted solutions” and “kudos” metrics. An “accepted solution” is when a user marks their question as solved, and “kudos” is similar to likes on social media platforms. With metrics like these, the eBay HQ team is able to track not just quantitative success, but the quality of the activity that their community is putting out.

The worth of a community must be proven from as many different angles and perspectives as possible. One way that eBay proves their ROI is through their “voice of the customer” report. An incredible customer story from their community is shared with senior leaders on the eBay team. In sharing these stories, the community team can create meaningful change. These changes, once implemented are brought back to the community to show members that their voices are being heard, and their stories actually matter. Alan suggests all community teams create reports like this - to better the community, the product, and the company as a whole.

Listen to the C2C Podcast, Episode 12.

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