How to Start, Track, and Grow Communities with Richard Millington

How to Start, Track, and Grow Communities with Richard Millington

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Episode 13

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 13, we talk to Richard Millington, founder of Feverbee, a community consultancy company.

Richard Millington is the Founder of FeverBee, a community consultancy company that has helped companies like Facebook, SAP, Lego and many more. After starting his first online community in 1999, and authoring two books Buzzing Communities and The Indispensable Community, Richard has become a celebrated expert on all things community!

There are so many various purposes for community within a business. The community industry has had some years to mature, and so now more than ever, companies are generally doing a good job engaging with with their communities. However, there is still room to grow, and lots to learn about getting the value out of a community. Richard suggests two examples: FitBit and Alteryx. Both companies use their communities to support multiple goals within the company: support, recruitment, product feedback, time to resolution, case studies, testimonials, and so many more.

We also talk about how a lot of brands tend to overestimate how much their community members want to be involved with the community. Richard invites you, the audience to think about how many branded communities you are involved in. Just because someone loves a product, doesn't necessarily mean they will join a brand community. Richard suggests a community must be built around a practical need - solve a problem your users have, and they will be more likely to join in and participate.

Richard discusses the several social psychology strategies that he uses when building communities. One is the Theory of Self Determination; the idea is that the more a member gets what they want out of the community, and of their own volition, the more they will feel a sense of community. Another strategy comes from the “Sense of Community”, a research paper that outlines how to build a community and cultivate a sense of belonging. Using all the strategies, metrics and material above, Richard and the FeverBee team has helped grow and strengthen some of the best online communities in the world.

Listen to the C2C Podcast, Episode 13.

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