From Daybreaker to Tech Leaders - How Mustafa Khan Uses Research to Build Community

From Daybreaker to Tech Leaders - How Mustafa Khan Uses Research to Build Community

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Episode 14

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 14, we welcome Mustafa Khan, the Head of Community and Events at Plato.

So many successful companies found their success through a community; eBay, AirBnB, and Plato. Plato helps developing tech managers become better leaders. They do that through connecting members to mentors and providing continuous calls, AMA’s, feedback and more to make sure each individual is growing as a leader.

Plato has conducted multitudes of user research in order to better understand what the community wants, and found that their community of developing tech leaders, wanted to connect with their peers, offline and online, in a more structured and professional way. Plato, like all good companies, listened to their community and delivered. In person events, as well as an online space for their community members. The typical event format, is interviewing experts, with networking and breakout sessions. This gives attendees an opportunity to dive into deeper discussions after the interview. They call this the “Elevate Series.” Plato currently sends their community managers to the local cities to plan and host each event, and they are working on building a playbook and use that to scale the program with their community (read more about how to build your own playbook for in person events)!

In regards to how the community affects business, the community team at Plato looks at several metrics from both the product and their community that help drive their decisions. At the end of every call a member has with a mentor, the member is asked for feedback about both the product and the community, in order to discover what the community's needs are. For their in person events specifically, Plato relies on both Net Promoter Score, and the number of attendees at each event.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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