Growing to Events in 50 Cities Through Culture with Consciousness Hacking

Growing to Events in 50 Cities Through Culture with Consciousness Hacking

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Episode 16

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 16, we welcome Kim Han, the Global Head of Community at Consciousness Hacking. Kim talks about the importance of a community's culture, and how to evolve as the community grows.

Community is about culture. Webster defines community as “the people with common interests living in a particular area”. People come together because they have common interests and values which all combine to define the culture of that community.

Kim runs the community at Consciousness Hacking, a global community of people coming together to become more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually whole, and to build a future that helps us instead of harms us. Kim talks about what Consciousness Hacking is and how each member has their own definition, but ultimately the community is brought together by their shared mission and values.

She began by running events in San Francisco. She figured out how these events should be run, and began to share this knowledge with local hosts in other cities, to grow the in person community. When Kim is deciding whether or not someone has what it takes to become a local chapter leader, her top criteria is the values: Does this person's values align with the organization's values and mission.

With 50 cities and counting, Kim continues to edit and update her in person events playbook, for how local chapter directors should run their events. Kim shared that it’s important to keep the playbook iterative and not let it stagnate. As the community grows and changes the way chapter directors host events will evolve as well. The playbook must evolve with the community. This is crucial to making the community continues to grow and serve the ambassadors who are hosting events for your brand.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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