A Community Member's Take on Building Community

A Community Member's Take on Building Community

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Episode 19

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 19, we welcome Karan Malhi, Head of Product and Marketing at Datacoral. On this episode, we discuss with Karan how companies should build developer communities.

Karan Malhi has been a member of the Apache community for a long time. The community gives him the oppotunity to connect with others who share his passions and are doing what he is doing. Karan loves being able to give back to the community, and to learn new things from other members.

As a community member, Karan has a different perspective than a community manager might have. One mistake he sees companies do often is build the community that is strictly about the product, sales, and recruiting. He suggests instead, for a developer community, to provide a space for members to connect and learn about how to become a better developer, which will help the ecosystem as a whole. Something as simple as letting members discuss other tools, that may not be associated with the brand will develop trust in the community. Natural conversations are key.

Overall, Karan’s message is to make sure the community is a place that encourages developers to work together and learn. Members will naturally grow to discover your product and build a relationship with your brand.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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