Breaking into Community with Digital Marketer

Breaking into Community with Digital Marketer

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Episode 20

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 20, we talked with Justina Fenberg, a Community Manager at Digital Marketer. As a new CM, we spoke to Justina about how she got into this industry, and what her experiences have been like so far.

Customer to Customer marketing is still a fairly new industry and as such many people are still discovering and beginning new roles within it. That’s why we talked with Justina Fenberg, a Community Manager at Digital Marketer. Justina herself recently broke into the Community Manager role so we got her take on how she got in.

Those who have “Community” in their title come from many places - social media, marketing, HR, program management, event management... this liost goes on. One common place many community professionals transition from is customer service. While Justina felt that customer service was a great fit, when she discovered the role title “Community Manager”, she knew it would be perfect for her. She was ready to help customers at scale and do it in a personalized way. Justina met Suzi Nelson who helped her to discover how to break into community. Finding a mentor in the space was imperative for Justina's journey.

Using her customer service skills has come in very handy as she has transitioned into the role of Community Manager. One of the most powerful tactics she uses is to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Justina shared a story from Digital Marketer; they discovered some of their marketing campaigns were too general adnd going to people for whom the content wasn't relevant. Being a marketing company the community asked why there wasn't more segmentation in their emails. To answer this question, a VP at Digital Marketer hopped in. To address the question with honesty and transparency, he explained that they too are experimenting and learning, and the community was right in their suggested improvements! This really humanized the company in the community's eyes. It showed members that everyone has room to improve. After that experience, Justina saw the community members really appreciate that the company responded the way they did.

Last but not least, Justina shared the values of Digital Marketer, and how they shape the community to create a great space for customers to learn. Their first core value is “Loving, Protecting, and Respecting the Customer”. With this as a core value, it means instead of selling more, and focusing on numbers, Digital Marketer is providing a space to help, give value, and foster important customer to customer connections.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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