Turn Members into Heroes with Pantheon

Turn Members into Heroes with Pantheon

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Episode 21

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 21, we welcome Tessa Kriesel, the Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon, to talk about how to turn users into passionate brand advocates. Tessa shares how she is building, scaling, and measuring the growth of her community while always ensuring she is giving back.

Tessa took a standalone Slack group and transformed it into “Pantheon Heroes”, a group focusing on elevating Pantheon's community. She suggests that when it comes to developer outreach, it’s all about relationships, and building a platform for those relationships is key - you can’t have personal, one-on-one chats with thousands of people a day! Tessa shared with us some of her most effective methods to grow the community:

User Missions- Each user decides how they want to contribute to the community with “missions”. Each “mission” is based around a certain topic or area, and members can suggest new ones that don’t exist yet. This gives each member a role within the community. Without these missions, a member might not know what to post or how to get invovled.

Points- The Pantheon community has gamified their contributions by offering points to people who contribute. The members collect points and can use them to buy things like shirts, pantheon sites, access to the team, and more.

Metrics- While there are many metrics Tessa could track, she focuses on Users, Missions, and Influence to drive meaningful results. The specific metrics she looks at for Ssers are retention and participation in the Pantheon Heroes platform. For metrics about Missions she tracks the points system. Behind the scenes, she has values that associate to specific mission categories that help them better understand when missions are helping to grow revenue and retention on the Pantheon platform. The final area they optimize is Influence, they work to break down how valuable it is to Pantheon if a user posts on a blog, social media or elsewhere about them. They don’t care how many followers they have, per se, they care more about the engagement of the followers and audience.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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