How Asana Got Community Buy-In, Feedback, Ambassadors & More

How Asana Got Community Buy-In, Feedback, Ambassadors & More

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Episode 22

On the C2C Podcast, Episode 22, we welcome Joshua Zerkel, Global Head of Community at Asana, to discuss how he kickstarted the program, is keeping it running, and the profound impact it's had on the community.

Building an online and in-person brand community can be tough. Customers are smart enough to spot marketing even if it’s hidden under layers of personal and emotional messages. But at Asana, they've cracked the code! Asana Together is the Asana community of like-minded individuals created around a shared interest in teamwork and productivity.

On the C2C Podcast, we talked to Josh Zerkel, Head of Global Community and the brains behind Asana Together. Asana Together is a huge success with over 33 countries represented by customers, leaders, and certified experts, coming together to learn and connect with each other.

We took a deep dive with Josh who shares with us how he kickstarted the program by talking to different stakeholders about his dream for the community. We talked about how their team is managing the program, getting more people to sign up for their events, and what analytics they are using to gauge their performance.

We talked about how Asana is ditching the "one size fits all" approach, and is instead, creating a multi-faceted community where members can attend events, become ambassadors, or even establish themselves as experts through the Certified Pros program.

Listen to the interview on the C2C Podcast!

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